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Top 10 haunted places in Bangladesh

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Probably you will be surprised after seeing the list of the eeriest places of Bangladesh. So, Let’s go through the list.

  • Dhaka Airport Road:

The segment of the road between Nikunjo and Biman office is reported by believers to be haunted by a lady at night, supposedly causing accidents.

  • Dhaka Golf Heights, Banani, Dhaka:

Claimed by believers to be haunted by a crying baby, and feelings of being watched are reported.

  • Under-construction apartment in Old DOHS, Banani:

Said to have ties to Satanism. Lanes 4 and 5 are reputed to have been built on top of graves.

  • Purbo Nayatola Rail Crossing, Dhaka:

Reported by believers to be haunted by a woman frantically looking for her missing infant.

  • Shahidullah Hall Pond, Dhaka:

The old pond adjoining Shahidullah Hall at Dhaka University campus is believed to be haunted by people who drowned in the pond.

  • Farmhouse in Narsingdi:

This farmhouse, over a couple of hundred years old, contains twin ponds called Bhobani and Rukshar, and rumours claim of a Hindu cremation ground on site of one of the ponds.

  • Highway Near Mirsharai, Chittagong:

The highway connecting Dhaka and Chittagong near Mirsharai, Chittagong is claimed by believers to be haunted by a vanishing hitchhiker at night.

  • Pakri Beach, Chittagong:

This silver sand beach has a reputation of being haunted. Reported hauntings range from mysterious footsteps and disembodied screams to an apparition of an old sailor.

  • Kuakata Beach, Barisal:

Rakhaine settlers claim this beach to be haunted. Believers also claim of a large, wooden, gold-laden boat in the surrounding forest area that is supposedly cursed.

  • Farmhouse in Comilla:

A huge farmhouse in Comilla is reported to be haunted by black shadows assaulting people at night.

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